LVC20-307 Android Runtime Development Update 2020

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    In this presentation, we will give an update on ART team's development progress on Android Runtime; including our deep-dive performance analysis on ART workloads, the compiler optimisations we've developed based on our performance analysis results; and we will share our progress of optimising ART with ARMv8.x features (FP16, SVE, etc) and how we improve new ARM architecture feature testing in upstream AOSP/ART project.

    Session Speakers

    Xueliang Zhong

    Tech Lead (ARM)

    For over a decade, Xueliang has been working on high performance interpreters, JIT compilers and binary translation systems projects. In recent years, he has been working on Android Runtime (ART) project, leading a team of engineers to optimise ART for Arm platforms.<br />

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