LVC20-310 Testing IoT Devices: Design and Progress from LITE Team

Session Abstract

Slack channel to chat with the LITE team for session LVC20-310:

The LITE team will discuss the overall design and intent of an MCU CI/Testing infrastructure and our progress towards this goal. Using LAVA with Docker, we are able to test multiple vendor boards across multiple software projects such as MCUboot, TF-M and Zephyr.

Session Speakers

Kumar Gala

LITE Principal Technical Lead (Linaro)

I am active in the Zephyr Project community as the Silver member representative on the Governance Board, a TSC member, Zephyr project maintainer and responsible for the Zephyr SDK.<br><br>Previously, I've been the kernel maintainer for Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs and Freescale Embedded PowerPC SoCs over my various years of experience. I've been working on the Linux kernel and open source software for over 15 years.

Paul Sokolovsky

IoT Engineer (Linaro)

Paul is a member of Linaro LITE team, who specializes in networking and application frameworks.

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