LVC20-314 System Device Tree update: Bus Firewalls and Lopper

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    System Device Tree is an ongoing effort to expand the scope of Device Tree to describe and configure modern heterogeneous SoCs, including multiple CPUs clusters, their views of the system, and the software running on them. System Device Tree comes with Lopper, an Open Source Python tool to read a System Device Tree and produce one traditional Device Tree for each software execution domain.

    The System Device Tree specification progressed significantly in the last year. This presentation will provide an update on the latest developments, such as the new bindings for the description and configuration of bus firewalls. The talk will deep-dive into Lopper, its flexible plugins architecture, and explain how to use it with System Device Tree today. If time allows, some common System Device Tree and Lopper use cases will be demonstrated.

    Session Speakers

    Stefano Stabellini

    Xen Maintainer, Principal Engineer at Xilinx (Xilinx)

    Stefano Stabellini serves as system software architect and virtualization lead at Xilinx, the world's largest supplier of FPGA solutions. Previously, at Aporeto, he created a virtualization-based security solution for containers and authored several security articles. As Senior Principal Software Engineer in Citrix, he led a small group of passionate engineers working on Open Source projects. Stefano has been involved in Xen development since 2007. He created libxenlight in November 2009 and started the Xen port to ARM with virtualization extensions in 2011. Today he is a Xen Project committer, and he maintains Xen on ARM and Xen support in Linux and QEMU.

    Bruce Ashfield

    Principal System Software Engineer (Xilinx)

    Bruce has worked in embedded software and linux for 20 years and has a variety of technical areas of interest. Ranging from kernel to virtualization/containers and edge system design.

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