LVC20-315 Using Rust in MCUboot

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    It seems the Rust programming language comes up frequently these days, and there is a lot of interest in it. We have been using Rust to implement a simulation test environment within MCUboot since 2017. This presentation will discuss our experience with Rust, and our hopes of how this language might help other projects in the future, especially in regards to security.

    Session Speakers

    David Brown

    Linaro Security Working Group, Zephyr Security Architect (Linaro)

    David Brown is a member of the Linaro Security Working Group, and has worked on the Linux kernel, with a focus on security for a number of years. Recently, he has been focusing on security as it relates to IoT and embedded devices, including focusing on secure booting, and secure network communications. He is currently the Security Architect for the Zephyr Project.

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