LVC20-316 RunX: deploy real-time OSes as containers at the edge

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    Containers are incredibly convenient to package applications and deploy them quickly across the data center.

    This talk will introduce RunX, a new project under LF Edge that aims at bringing containers to the edge with extra benefits. At the core, RunX is an OCI-compatible containers runtime to run software packaged as containers as Xen micro-VMs. RunX allows traditional containers to be executed with minimal overhead as virtual machines, providing additional isolation and real-time support.

    It also introduces new types of containers designed with edge and embedded deployments in mind. RunX enables RTOSes, and baremetal apps to be packaged as containers, delivered to the target using the powerful containers infrastructure, and deployed at runtime as Xen micro-VMs. Physical resources can be dynamically assigned to them, such as accelerators and FPGA blocks.

    This presentation will go through the architecture of RunX and the new deployment scenarios it enables. It will provide an overview of the integration with Yocto Project via the meta-virtualization layer and describe how to build a complete system with Xen and RunX.

    The presentation will come with a live demo on embedded hardware.

    Session Speakers

    Stefano Stabellini

    Xen Maintainer, Principal Engineer at Xilinx (Xilinx)

    Stefano Stabellini serves as system software architect and virtualization lead at Xilinx, the world's largest supplier of FPGA solutions. Previously, at Aporeto, he created a virtualization-based security solution for containers and authored several security articles. As Senior Principal Software Engineer in Citrix, he led a small group of passionate engineers working on Open Source projects. Stefano has been involved in Xen development since 2007. He created libxenlight in November 2009 and started the Xen port to ARM with virtualization extensions in 2011. Today he is a Xen Project committer, and he maintains Xen on ARM and Xen support in Linux and QEMU.

    Bruce Ashfield

    Principal System Software Engineer (Xilinx)

    Bruce has worked in embedded software and linux for 20 years and has a variety of technical areas of interest. Ranging from kernel to virtualization/containers and edge system design.

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