LVC20-317 Analysis of ARM64's Competence for Oil&Gas Seismic Data Processing Applications

Session Abstract

Each seismic survey in Oil & Gas exploration generates tons of seismic wave data, typically hundreds of Terabytes. Transforming the huge amount of data into a accurate earth subsurface model requires exascale level computing power. This presentation will analyze the computing requirements and trends in seismic data processing, evaluate the competence of the current generations ARM64 SoCs and the new features required.

Session Speakers

Jinshui Liu

Distinguished Technologist (USA)

Distinguished Technologist at Huawei/Futurewei, working on ARM64 Data Center Compute and Ascend AI Compute Ecosystem Building, Future Compute & Autonomous Driving Technologies since 2019.6<br><br>Chief Architect of Intelligent Computing at Huawei & the head of D-Application Lab, oversaw the development of easy to use & performance optimized Atlas AI Training and Inferencing systems based on Nvidia GPU and Huawei in-House Developed Ascend AI-ASIC from 2018.7-2019.5<br><br>The Chief Architect of IT Hardware at Huawei and oversaw the architecture design of Atlas Heterogeneous Computing Platform with Modular, Scalable, Composable designs for AI & HPC from 2016-2018.6<br><br>The Chief Architect of IT Hardware at Huawei and in charge of the Barreleye Storage Array Architecture Design with All Flash, All IP, All NVMe, All Intelligent and Scale at Will features from 2015 to 2017.<br><br>The Chief Architect of Huawei E9000 Converged Blade Server, the industry leading converged Blade scalable for X86 & Fabric in 2021 & beyond for Cloud, HPC & Enterprise from 2011 to 2015; one of the initiators of NFV, Converged Infrastructure and HyperConverged Infrastructure at Huawei.<br><br>Principal Engineer for Data Center Networking & Switch & Wireless AGW Architecture Research and CDN Product Development, the architecture initiator of Huawei Orthogonal Interconnected CE12800 Family Data Center Switch, from 2007 to 2011.<br><br>Before joining Huawei in 2007, Mr. Liu was an Engineering Director/Sr. Manager for Multi-Media Wireline and Wireless Gateway Products at Santera Systems from 1999 to 2007; and led multiple HPC/Parallel Processing and ATM Switch research projects /product development as Sr. Engineer / Hardware Engineering Director at Inst. 706 / GaoHong Telecom respectively in Beijing from 1990 to 1999.<br><br>Mr. Liu received his BS & MS Degrees in Computer Architecture & Parallel Processing from Tsinghua & Chinese Academy of Sciences, respectively in 1982 & 1990

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