LVC21-200K3 Keynote: Android Automotive OS

Session Speakers

Guru Nagarajan

Google (Android Automotive OS Platform Engineering Team Lead)

Guru Nagarajan leads the Android Automotive OS Platform Engineering Team at Google. He has been Android for over a decade. His team is responsible for the Android Automotive OS Platform including connectivity, framework, multimedia, power, performance, system health, security and virtualization. Previously, he led Android mobile, Android TV, and High Performance VR scaling and tools efforts.

The success of mobile and smart devices leads to an ever-growing demand of functions and features in yet traditional industries. This is also the case for heavy machinery like agricultural or constructions machines. In the wake of this trend electronic architectures are changing and yet clearly separated and seemingly incompatible industry sectors grow together. Hence, Open Source enables us at Bosch and Bosch Rexroth to learn and develop faster while in parallel keeping and even increasing our product quality.

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