LVC21F-309 SystemReady Panel

Session Abstract

Level: Introductory and overview Details pending

Session Speakers

Marcin Wojtas

Head of Engineering in Semihalf (Semihalf)

Head of Engineering in Semihalf. Passionate about embedded software and hardware. Contributor to a number of the open source projects, including Linux kernel, Tianocore EDK2 and TF-A. FreeBSD committer.

Paul Liu

Linaro Senior Software Engineer (Linaro)

Working for SystemReady IR certificate for 1 year. An active Debian Developer since 2009.

Masami Hiramatsu

Tech Lead, Linaro Ltd. (Linaro Ltd.)

Masami Hiramatsu is a kernel maintainer of kprobes/ftrace/perf-probe etc. He started working on Linux kernel with Kernel Tracing (LKST) at 2002, and joined to SystemTap development and became a kprobes maintainer. Now he is maintaining dynamic event tracing on ftrace and perf-tools.

Andrei Warkentin

Arm Enablement Architect (VMware)

Co-founder and team lead for ESXi-Arm in VMware's platform BU, conducting advanced development of vSphere hypervisor technology for the 64-bit Arm architecture. I focus on CPU and platform enablement, long term technology evolution and product definition activities. I am also the liaison for internal engagements, partner/vendor cooperation and industry standards work.

Dong Wei

Fellow (Arm)

Francois Ozog

Director business development (Linaro)

Level: Introductory and overview Details pending

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