Supporting Complex MIPI DSI Bridges in a Linux system

Session Speakers

Jagan Teki

(Amarula Solutions)

Display interface solutions are often critical to design due a mismatch between System On Chips(SoC) and it’s associated application-specific display devices.

A display interface bridge prevents this mismatch by converting application-specific display interfaces from SoC display controllers. The type of display interface bridge depends on the display interface bus between SoC display controller and application-specific displays. In this video, Amarula Solutions is demonstrating various MIPI DSI Bridges with associated Display Outputs enablement in Linux Kernel. All these MIPI DSI bridges are used in variety of Consumer and Industrial Applications.

Demo starts with Simple MIPI DSI Panel, to Complex MIPI DSI Bridges used on DPI Panel, DLP Projectors, HDMI Output and etc using Allwinner R16 SoC.

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