SAN19-103 - Linux Kernel Functional Testing (LKFT) 2.0

Session Abstract

The LKFT project exists to serve kernel developers and the kernel development community.

In the roughly two years that LKFT has existed, we have run over 60 million tests and sent hundreds of bug reports and patches upstream.

Based on what has worked well for us, and what hasnt, we are in the middle of a large refactor of our build and boot processes. The result will allow us to build and test more kernels, more quickly, with much more variety and granularity.

Looking forward, there will be a focus on custom reporting and analytics that will allow us to get the precise data that kernel developers and communities need to make their jobs easier.

Session Speakers

Dan Rue

Managing Tech Lead, LKFT (Linaro)

Dan delights developers and users by focusing on good tools and great automation. You can usually find him writing documentation, tests, and yaml. So much yaml.

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