SAN19-106 - What’s new in VIXL 2019?

Session Abstract

VIXL is a ARMv8 Runtime Code Generation Library which contains three components:
- Programmatic assemblers to generate A64, A32 or T32 code at runtime.
- Disassemblers that can print any instruction emitted by the assemblers.
- Simulator can simulate any instruction emitted by the A64 assembler on x86 and ARM platform. It is configurable, vector length for SVE, for example, and it supports register tracing during the execution.

In this talk, were going to introduce:
- What is VIXL? It is already deployed and is considered “mature”, for example, it has been adopted by Android ART compiler for its ARM backends: AArch64 and AArch32.
- CPU feature management and detection.
- New Armv8.x instructions support, e.g. BTI, PAuth, etc.
- New SVE (Scalable Vector Extension) support.

Session Speakers

Tat Wai Chong

Senior Software Engineer (arm)

I enjoy working on compiler backend and tool development and performance tuning, especially on virtual machine technology.

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