SAN19-109 - Device Tree Evolution Project

Session Abstract

Device Tree (DT) is a core technology that enables us to build flexible and adaptable embedded systems.

Device Tree engineering work is occurring in various forums, but there are a number of features that are important to the ecosystem but are languishing due to little focus or coordination.

Several topics have been identified as critical features that require leadership and engineering effort. This is a collaboration project to put some coordinated engineering effort into the identified features.

The session will introduce the project and the identified topics.

Session Speakers

Bill Fletcher

Field Engineering (Linaro)

Generalist, glue, and operational interface.

Steve McIntyre

Principal Software Engineer (Arm)

Long-time assignee into Linaro from Arm. Worked in lots of teams in Linaro: OCTO, LEG, LNG, LAVA. Now Tech Owner for the Device Tree Evolution. Lead Project

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