SAN19-111 - RDK Updates - 64bit & Yocto thud support

Session Abstract

This session will give an overview of some of the latest updates happening on the Reference Design kit known as RDK and will briefly highlight the contributions made by Linaro MMWG in the following areas.

1) 64bit support for RDKV mediaclient & Yocto Thud build support
2) RDK3/Spark Apps bringup like rdkmediaplayer and rdkbrowser2
3) WPEFramework with WPEWebit Browser & EMEv3 (Playready & Widevine) features
4) RDK upstreaming

Session Speakers


Project lead at L&T Technology services, working as Comcast assignee for Linaro MMWG (L&T technology services)

Overall 10 Years of experience on Embedded multimedia systems like Infotainment & STB products with 6+ years of RDK experience.

Moorthy Baskaravenkatraman Sambamoorthy

Senior Engineer (L&T Technology Services, Comcast assignee for Linaro)

Specialized in RDK media client stack mostly works in Westeros Compositor, Metrologicals WPE Framework, Digital Rights Management and so on.

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