SAN19-113 - Bake the Firmware Right - Validate ACPI, UEFI and SBBR with Firmware Test Suite

Session Abstract

System firmware involves many software and hardware specifications and verifying implementation correctness manually is often difficult. Firmware Test Suite (FWTS) is a open-source test suite licensed by GPL and is recommended as the ACPI 6.1 Self-Certification Test by UEFI Forum. FWTS comprises a large set of tests and performs sanity checks on various aspects in firmware. It aims to detect errors in systems and to recommend fixes for firmware developers. This command line tool is easy to use and provides explanatory and informative results according to specifications including ACPI, UEFI, SBBR and many other more.

Session Speakers

Alex Hung

Software Engineer (Canonical Group Ltd.)

Alex Hung is a lead software engineer at Canonical, Ltd. specializing in BIOS architecture and Linux kernel development. As a representative of the UEFI Forum, Hung orchestrates firmware testing with UEFI BIOS and Ubuntu. At UEFI Plugfests, Mr. Hung participates in the specification development discussions surrounding UEFI Secure Boot. He has shared his expertise in BIOS testing and firmware test suites at several industry workshops and conferences. 

Alex Hung

Software Engineer in Canonical Group Ltd. (Canonical Group Ltd.)

Alex Hung is a lead software engineer at Canonical Group Ltd, specializing in firmware and ACPI & platform subsystems in Linux kernel. Hung is also a maintainer of firmware test suite (FWTS), and is an active member in UEFI Testing Working Group (UTWG). He participates in both UEFI and Linux kernel communities and has shared his expertise in firmware and firmware test suite at several industry workshops and conferences.

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