Session Abstract

Audio is ubiquitous across a wide range of phone, tablet, notebook, speaker, headset, appliance, router, telematic, and other modern devices. To fully utilize the potential of dedicated audio subsystems on SoCs and other embedded devices with minimal engineering investment, an open, modularized, and extensible signal processing framework, with associated uniform APIs, is proposed for high performance or cost sensitive and power efficient audio applications. An extensible and modularized framework provides the flexibility, within the same architecture and codebase, to support a wide range of customizable features and capabilities without sacrificing the ability to scale up to higher performing, richer processing environments and also scale down to smaller, resource limited and cost sensitive environments. This presentation describes the key design principles of this advanced audio signal processing framework including programming interfaces and development workflow using open source community friendly SDK’s and use case design, configuration, and tuning applications

Session Speakers

Patrick Lai

Qualcomm Senior Staff Engineer

I am an audio software developer from Qualcomm. I have been working on Linux audio for past 10 years since launch of first Android phone.