SAN19-213 - A Guide to enabling new Power Management & System Control Models via Arm SCMIv2.0

Session Abstract

Continuing from Linaro Connect BKK19, where the Arm SCMI Roadmap was unveiled, we have released SCMI specification version 2.0 in July/August 2019. This version of the specification enables new usage models to cater to Power Management and System Control requirements in Mobile, Embedded and Automotive markets.

Cost sensitive SoC designs may not opt for a stand-alone microcontroller for System Control. For such systems, SCMIv2.0 enables the System Control Firmware to be resident in the secure world. We shall go over the requirements to implement the kernel and firmware code for such systems to comply with SCMI.

SCMIv2.0 introduces the concept of Per-Agent Resource Isolation Domains. Many SoCs today implement multiple PE Clusters where each cluster runs a different OS instance. Such systems require the SoC resources to be partitioned dynamically among the various agents (we may model each such cluster to be a SCMI agent). SCMIv2.0 introduces new commands to achieve this. In our session, we shall talk about how this can be done using the new SCMIv2.0 commands, and the agent-id and transport requirements and semantics for such a model to work. We will also provide an overview how such a model might work for Virtualized Systems. The presentation will cover how newly introduced Power Domain pre-notifications can be used for co-operative Power Management according to user defined policies in such systems.

SCMIv2.0 introduces FastChannels. We will provide an overview of its requirements and how FastChannels can be enabled for latency critical operations. We will also touch upon the Reset Management Protocol which can be used for device resets. Finally we will walk-through the features planned to be introduced in the next version of SCMI.

Session Speakers

Souvik Chakravarty

Staff Software Engineer (ARM Limited)

Souvik is a Staff Software Engineer in the Architecture and Technology Group at Arm, where his primary areas of focus are System and Power Management software standards and specifications.

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