SAN19-214 - Deploying Armv8.x features on Android Runtime

Session Abstract

Armv8.2 features has been announced a few years ago, but the uptake of Armv8.2 features in Android has been slow. In 2018, flagship Android phones with ARMv8.2 features start to appear in the market. It is important that Arms partners products fully exploit the latest architectural features.

In this presentation, we will share our story of deploying ARMv8.x features in Android Runtime (ART), go over the challenges and solutions for enabling those features in lower Android layers, and the optimisations we eventually developed in ART with ARMv8.x instructions.

We will also share the simulator solution we developed for testing & debugging ARMv8.x features easily for Android Runtime without the need of actual hardware.

Session Speakers

Xueliang Zhong

Tech Lead (Arm)

Xueliang Zhong is currently the teach lead of LCG ART team.

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