SAN19-216 - A view from industry: Securing IoT with Azure Sphere

Session Abstract

A view from industry: Securing IoT with Azure Sphere – Ed Nightingale, Partner Director of Engineering, Microsoft Azure Sphere
Azure Sphere offers to improve MCU computing by bringing cloud connectivity, intelligence, and high security to these devices. The Azure Sphere solution consists of three components: a new class of cross-over MCUs incorporating Microsoft silicon security technology, a new OS built around a custom Linux kernel, and a cloud-based security service that guards every Azure Sphere-based device on the planet for 13 years.

In this talk, I will explain the market scenarios Azure Sphere addresses, dig deep into the silicon and software architecture that compose the Azure Sphere solution, and review some of the project’s history. We’ll go into what makes an Azure Sphere MCU unique from a security perspective and why an end-to-end solution to IoT security is critical to its success in the market.

Session Speakers

Ed Nightingale

Partner Director of Engineering (Microsoft)

Ed  Nightingale has been part of Azure Sphere from its inception and has filled many different roles as the product has grown from research to product.  Currently, Ed is the Partner Director of Engineering for Azure Sphere where he is responsible for the overall software and hardware engineering effort on the team. Prior to Azure Sphere,  Ed was a systems researcher and software engineer. Ed has authored papers in top systems conferences such as OSDI and SOSP. He has co-authored 20 conference and journal publications, has won 6 best paper awards, and even helped to set the world record in disk-to-disk sorting ( He has also worked as an engineer and as an engineering manager running a large-scale distributed storage service. Ed really enjoys building operating systems and large-scale distributed systems.

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