SAN19-303 - Private Seminar / Fire Side Chat on Open Source development and collaboration

Session Abstract

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Session Speakers

Bryan Huntsman

Sr Director (Qualcomm Innovation Center)

Bryan Huntsman is a Senior Director at the Qualcomm Innovation Center and is responsible for Linux Kernel development on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for mobile and IoT markets.  Over the past decade, he has set up a team of engineers and engineering processes that contributed to the launch of billions of Android devices. Prior to joining Qualcomm, Bryan spent 10 years in the telecommunications industry working as a SW/FW developer for embedded, real-time systems. Bryan has a B.S in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida.

Robert Wolff

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Community Manager & Engineer (Linaro / 96Boards)

Robert Wolff is a technical writer, open source evangelist, community leader and engineer with a history of working in and around esteemed academic institutions and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) based educational programs. Right now, Robert works as community manager for 96Boards at Linaro. He helps maintain several of 96Boards’ Open Source orgs and repositories, runs a variety of community driven projects/initiatives, and hosts his own live, weekly online video “podcast” dubbed “96Boards OpenHours”.

Robert graduated from University of California, San Diego with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. During his undergrad, he was heavily involved with the Global Teams in Engineering Services (TIES) program. He participated in several humanitarian engineering projects, working in multi-disciplinary teams, to deliver useful prototypes to promote STEM education for underprivileged communities around his hometown of San Diego, California. It was during this time Robert began to develop an interest in open source, embedded systems, and IoT.

Prior to his work with Linaro/96Boards, he worked for the Qualcomm Institute at UCSD creating an extensive online specialization for the DragonBoard 410c. These six courses are hosted by and contain upward of 500 educational videos.

Grant Likely

Senior Techincal Director (Arm)

Grant Likely is an Linux engineer and previous maintainer of the Devicetree subsystem in Linux. He is currently a senior technical director at Arm where he works on system architecture in the Open Source Software team, which includes maintaining the EBBR specification. Grant has also previously represented the Linux community on the Linux Foundations Technical Advisory Board.

Elsie Wahlig

Sr. Director (Linaro)

Elsie Wahlig is a Senior Director of Linaros Datacenter Cloud Group and HPC at Linaro. Prior to joining, Elsie has been in high-tech field working at semiconductor companies for 22 years. Shes been building the Arm server market since 2011 at Qualcomm and Samsung with roles spanning both engineering and product management. Before embracing Arm Servers, she worked at AMD contributing to development of software and architectural extensions of the AMD microprocessor.

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