SAN19-311 - TVM – An End to End Deep Learning Compiler Stack

Session Abstract

AWS is a leading cloud-service provider with the goal of providing the best customer experience. ARM has a unique place in the whole ecosystem – both at server and edge devices. In this talk, I will explain how AWS Sagemaker Neo accelerates deep learning on EC2 ARM A1 instances and ARM-based edge devices to improve customer experience. AWS Sagemaker Neo uses TVM, an open-source end-to-end deep learning compiler stack.

Session Speakers

Animesh Jain

Applied Scientist (AWS)

Animesh Jain is an Applied Scientist II at Amazon Web Services with a strong research background in computer architecture and compilers. He has a doctorate from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Computer Science and Engineering. Animesh has published many research papers in top-tier technical conferences. Currently, he is pursuing the dream of running machine learning everywhere by improving machine learning compilers.

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