SAN19-403 - Code size improvement work in TCWG

Session Abstract

For many projects that use resource constrained devices, optimizing for the smallest code-size is often more important than optimizing for the highest performance. The TCWG team would like to share their progress and results on several code-size related projects. These include:
- Comparing the code-size of clang and gcc for bare metal programs on M-profile devices.
- Adding Arm support to the LLVM machine outliner.
- Adding C++ virtual function elimination to Clang.
- Building zephyr using GCC LTO.
The presentation will give a brief summary of how the clang and gcc compilers compare on code-size, and a description of some improvements you can expect in future versions of the compilers.

Session Speakers

Peter Smith

Principal Engineer (Arm)

Peter is an Assignee to the Linaro Toolchain team (TCWG) working on LLVM based tools, specializing in Linkers. Prior to that he has many years of experience in the Arm Compiler Team.

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