SAN19-405 - How to lift an elephant with Arm

Session Abstract

With the increasing size and complexities of Hadoop-related clusters every day, how to lift them becomes a challenging task.

The Apache Ambari is aimed at monitoring, provisioning and managing Hadoop-related ecosystem deployment.
Management Packs (MPacks) enables Ambari to remove the tight coupling with existing stacks (HDP, HDF, etc.) from Ambari core and flexibly manage any Hadoop-related service into Ambari.

Collaborating with Linaro LDCG, we validate Apache Ambari and implement a new Ambari Arm64 Mpack to make Hadoop deployment and management simpler on Arm64 servers. We also adopt Apache Bigtop to consummate Hadoop-related Arm64 stack.
The introductory session will provide the overview of Ambari and Bigtop. And we will give an in-depth perspective into Arm64 Mpacks architecture. The followup demo will showcase the process of Hadoop-related stack deployment on Arm64 servers.

Session Speakers

Yuqi Gu

Senior Software Engineer (Arm)

A software engineer

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