SAN19-410 - CoreSight: New Features and Ongoing Development

Session Abstract

This presentation will start by going over the latest features that have been added to the CoreSight subsystem in the last 6

From there we will provide a brief recap of the hardware capabilities of the CoreSight Embedded Cross Trigger infrastructure and introduce the newly created Cross Trigger Interface (CTI) driver and programming API. We will also provide some use cases and programming examples.

Lastly we will present an outline of the proposed CoreSight Complex Configuration framework, a set of tools and driver updates to allow users to extract the full capabilities out of CoreSight infrastructure with a simple client interface.

Session Speakers

Mathieu Poirier

Kernel developer (Linaro)

Mathieu Poirier has been part of the Linaro organisation since its inception in 2010. From there he has helped members with upstreaming, worked on the android open source project, addressed issues in the kernels deadline scheduler and worked on the CoreSight subsystem that he currently maintains.

Mike Leach has nearly 20 years experience working at ARM, specialising in debug tools and architecture, collaborating with the ARM hardware designers providing a software perspective on the latest technologies. He is currently working as a Linaro assignee on linux drivers for CoreSight and an open source decoder - OpenCSD. Previous tasks include interfacing debug tools to RTL simulation & developing low level tools for prototype hardware bring up.

Mike Leach

Principal Engineer (ARM)

Specialist in ARM debug tools and Architecture. Worked on tools from early v5 cores to the latest technology. Currently working as assignee with Linaro on CoreSight kernel drivers and OpenCSD trace decode

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