SAN19-424 - Event Tracing and Pstore with a pinch of Dynamic debug

Session Abstract

Event tracing is one of the powerful debug feature available in Linux Kernel as part of Ftrace. Pstore or Persistent Storage on the other hand is a boon to find the cause for the kernels dying breath as rightly said by someone and is widely used in production environments. When these two features are combined with a pinch of Dynamic debug, we form a full recipe for debugging problems in Linux Kernel.

This presentation talks about integrating event tracing with pstore to identify and root cause problems by analyzing the last few events before the Kernel says goodbye. In addition to this, we add dynamic debug support to filter out unwanted logs and limit trace to only specific files or directories which help in narrowing down problems to specific subsystems and currently is not supported by Ftrace.

Session Speakers

Sai Prakash Ranjan

Kernel Engineer at Qualcomm (Qualcomm India Private Limited)

Former Linux Kernel Engineer at Sony. Currently at Qualcomm Upstream Kernel team working on Debug features and Opensource Hypervisor solution. Passionate about Linux Kernel and proud to be amongst its awesome developers where you get to learn and grow constantly.

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