SAN19-425 - Hacking and contributing to LAVA

Session Abstract

Starting to contribute to a large Open Source project is always difficult.
In this talk we will try to make LAVA contributors life easier by explaining some of the secrets behind this large software.

We will talk about the LAVA architectures, the resources for users/admin/developers, creating a developer environment and many small secrets about LAVA.

Session Speakers

Remi Duraffort

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Senior Software Engineer (Linaro)

Im a senior software engineer, working for Linaro.

Ive been contributed to OSS since 2007 when I started working on VLC Media player at university.

I worked for 5 years at STMicroelectronics where I ported the v8 JavaScript engine on sh4 processors. I also contributed to many OSS projects like proot, care, debian, qemu, ...

Im now maintainer and architect of LAVA, a widely adopted framework to test software (bootloader, kernel, user space) on real boards.

I gave some talks at the Linaro Connect Conference since 2014. I recently gave a talk about lavafed at FOSDEM 2019.

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