SAN19-501 - WPEWebKit, the WebKit port for embedded platforms

Session Abstract

WPEWebKit[1] is a WebKit flavor (also known as port) specially crafted for
embedded platforms and use-cases. During this talk I would present WPEWebKits
architecture with a special emphasis on its multimedia backend based on
GStreamer[2] and implementing support for the MSE[3], EME[4], MediaCapabilities
specifications. I would also present a case study on how to successfully
integrate WPEWebKit on i.MX6 and i.MX8M platforms with the Cog[5] standalone
reference web-app container or within existing Qt5 applications, using the WPEQt
QML plugin.


Session Speakers

Philippe Normand

Multimedia engineer and Partner at Igalia (Igalia)

Philippes expertize spans between GStreamer and WebKit, where he has been improving the multimedia backends required for the HTML5 Living Standard.

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