Session Abstract

We have experienced very successful open source development for Linux operating system. But in the firmware area, most of the developments are carried out by some major organizations without the participation of community. Application driven open source development enables a software system ecosystem which can adopt various hardware components, including different architectures, and let the vendors deferential and create tangible results. Open source firmware and Standard firmware interface is critical to enable different hardware implementation for the same ecosystem. In this secession we will discuss how to join and contribute to an open source firmware project managed by Linaro. The key principles of this project are as following
• General System Firmware not specifically targeted for phone, client, server or cloud.
• Universal interface supporting multiple OSes including Linux and Windows
• Adaptive to various silicon especially silicone provided by member companies
• Encourage open technology and early standard implementation
• New TianoCore license model or similar
• Long Term Stable release instead of product driven

Session Speakers

Jammy Zhou

Solutions Director (Linaro)

Jammy Zhou is Solutions Director in Linaro China, driving the technical collaborations with regional members in various areas including Arm servers, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and etc. Before joining Linaro, he worked in AMD as the leading architect of AMDGPU-Pro Linux graphics driver stack. He also worked at Freescale, and had rich experience on Linux/Android BSPs for Arm embedded platforms.