SAN19-511 - Optimized Routines

Session Abstract

Arm and partners have been contributing extensively to library functions projects. It will be in the best interests of Arm software eco-system to maximize the value of those contributions. An amplifier will be reusing the open-source implementations in multiple projects. An aggregator is for anyone to collaborate the contribution by submitting new functions or enhancing/fixing existing functions.

However, reuse and collaboration will not just happen without appropriate license and copyright model. There are legal risks like license compatibility and copyright assignment that have to be addressed properly.

Optimized Routines is an open source project that serves as the core of a solution to clear obstacles of reusing and collaboration. It uses a liberal license, the MIT license, and is the copyright of a single organization. This method of releasing software under a more permissive license in the first instance prevents the software being locked into restrictive licenses and allows much greater freedom for the Arm eco-system.

This presentation will the issues in reusing and collaborating of open source libraries, show how the Optimized Routines addressed them and the progress of collabrating contributions into this project.

Session Speakers

Joey Ye

Director of Engineering (Arm)

15+ years experience on Compiler and Tools. Former GCC developer. Currently lead open source toolchain development in Arm.

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