SAN19-515 - BoF: I just want to ride around in robo taxis, what can I do to help?

Session Abstract

In this session, we will have an informal discussion about what we can do as an open-source community to advance the autonomous driving technology. Topics could include

- What technology is missing, creating a barrier to new entrants to the AD space?
- How to accelerate the move from RnD to Production grade solutions?
- What role could Linaro and its partners play in this space?

Session Speakers


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Senior Software Engineer - Automotive (Arm Ltd)

Liyou is a software engineer working on Accelerating open-source self-driving software stack with Arm hardware and software IP.

Liyou has previously worked in IoT developing end to end secure firmware update solution.

Liyou is also active in the developer community, presented at mbed Connect and organised hackathons at the University of Cambridge.

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