SFO15-111: OpenEmbedded BoF

SFO15-111: OpenEmbedded BoF Speaker: Koen Kooi Date: September 21, 2015

★ Session Description ★ Linaro is using OpenEmbedded as part of its engineering builds. We propose to discuss how Linaro is using OpenEmbedded for its use cases and how we can improve our contribution to YOCTO project. The goal of the discussion is to identify areas in which Linaro can help.

★ Resources ★ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NozG9R4dpkI Presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/linaroorg/sfo15111-openembedded-bof Etherpad: pad.linaro.org/p/sfo15-111 Pathable: https://sfo15.pathable.com/meetings/302661

★ Event Details ★ Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015 - #SFO15 September 21-25, 2015 Hyatt Regency Hotel http://www.linaro.org http://connect.linaro.org

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