SFO15 500 VIXL

VIXL is dynamic code generation toolkit for Armv8 that we hope will enable JIT creators to rapidly target the Arm instruction set. Over the past few years we (the Arm JIT team) have worked on the code generators of many of the leading JIT compilers for the JavaScript and Java languages. During that time we built up a strong knowledge base on some of the pitfalls and time-sinks involved in creating a good JIT compiler backend. This led us to develop some tools to help improve our productivity. With Arm announcing the new Cortex-A range of processors supporting the AArch64 execution state we decided that we would focus our efforts on A64 tooling to enable developers to rapidly port programming language virtual machines for this new processor range. Soon after we decided to support Aarch32 as well. This presentation will introduce you to what VIXL is, what’s new in VIXL and how to use it and take advantage of all its components that cover all the aspects of software development on Arm CPUs.

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