SFO15-TR8: Getting started with LAVA

SFO15-TR8: Getting started with LAVA Speaker: Bill Fletcher Date: September 24, 2015

★ Session Description ★ Both the Field and more recently the LAVA lab have worked on HOWTOs to fill a need for a getting-up-and-running thread of documentation alongside the more mature reference information. Using material from both of these the session proposes to show how an evaluation installation of LAVA along with a qemu target can be assembled in a VM. The target audience is member engineers or managers who are aware of LAVA and would consider to evaluate a pilot local installation.

★ Resources ★ Video: Presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/linaroorg/sfo15tr8-getting-started-with-lava Etherpad: pad.linaro.org/p/sfo15-tr8 Pathable: https://sfo15.pathable.com/meetings/303086

(1) a short Youtube video tutorial:


(2) some (large) files in a directory on my people.linaro.org page:

http://people.linaro.org/~bill.fletcher/SFO15-TR8_Getting_Started_With_LAVA_supporting_material/ ★ Event Details ★ Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015 - #SFO15 September 21-25, 2015 Hyatt Regency Hotel http://www.linaro.org http://connect.linaro.org

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