Session ID: SFO17-PM01 Session Name: Power Themed Hacking Sessions (Tues) - SFO17-PM01 Speaker: Track: Power Management

★ Session Summary ★ The Power Management Working Group (PMWG) is hosting topic focused hacking sessions and discussions during SFO17 (Tues - Thurs)

Tues 14:00 45m Enabling support of DynamiQ Vincent Guittot 14:45 30m Load tracking in the scheduler Vincent Guittot 15:15 30m PELT vs. WALT Dietmar Eggemann 15:45 30m EAS-mainline alignment Dietmar Eggemann 16:15 30m EAS r1.3 / r1.4 plans update Chris Redpath 16:45 45m Automate power model generation Leo Yan 17:30 45m IPA on Pixel Ionela Voinescu ————————————————— ★ Resources ★ Event Page: Presentation: Video: —————————————————

★ Event Details ★ Linaro Connect San Francisco 2017 (SFO17) 25-29 September 2017 Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

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Event Date: 27 Sept 2017