OpenAMP Workshop

PMWG: Idle injection and cpu power topology description

PMWG: Androdeb

PMWG: CPU utilization tracking

PMWG: DVFS Support

PMWG: Farm status and next step

PMWG: Idle loop reordering : what does it solve and how to get benefit

PMWG: Multiple PM domain: How to use it

PMWG: On-chip interconnect API (aka bus scaling framework)

PMWG: Scheduler Debug a Lisa Love story

PMWG: Setting up boards in farm: About what do we have to take care

PMWG: Status about cluster idling

PMWG: Status product codeline

PMWG: Thermal capping

PMWG: Thermal Range governor and hierarchical thermal zone

SWG Hackin: OP-TEE in AOSP and KeymasterGatekeeper

SWG Hackin: Status of lorcs virtualization patches

SWG Hacking: BigNumber library in OP-TEE

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