YVR18-106:The Networking of Edge Computing and Edge Stack on Arm Platform

Edge computing is emerging technologies which demand lower latency and accelerated processing at the edge. Edge stack performs the data processing at the edge of the network, provides virtualized NFs and physical NFs orchestration near data sources. And it’s well known that Arm platform is highly flexible with high performance and high availability, so it is very suitable for being used as an edge computing main resource. A high performance and universally supported networking mechanism is the core of the success of edge stack. The presentation gives out the networking architecture of edge stack used for the high performance edge computing on Arm platform. The main points are listed below, but not limited to:

  1. The networking architecture of integrated edge stack which consists of unified networking/orchestration of VMs, containers and physical compute hosts;
  2. The use case of edge computing networking end to end;
  3. High performance data plane acceleration used in edge stack
  4. Light weight and integrated orchestration technology on Arm platform
  5. Fd.io VPP based virtual switching in edge stack
  6. Performance evaluation and comparison of the networking mechanism for Arm and other platforms
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