YVR18-109:Mali packaging for distros

Discussion on how best to support Mali in distros.

There is now mali-midgard support in Debian from packaged drivers, but it is quite an old release (the last one supporting X) and only works on a very small set of platforms. There are lots of difficulties supporting more GPUs, boards, and windowing platforms. Free drivers are still very immature, binary drivers are built in a highly-specific, not-at-all-generic fashion, X support has been dropped (despite being by far the most common environment for distro users), and there are significant issues with standardising Mali DTB information, as well as platform-specific bodgery, and drivers released for community use by companies other than Arm which are not redistributable. Meanwhile there are 2 different free driver projects making slow but significant progress.

Getting some relevant people in a room to discuss what the best way to proceed is, particularly on DTB upstreaming/standisation, what to do about X, whether Arm’s release procedures can be adjusted to be more generic, and the state of the free drivers, would be useful. I would welcome your input to direct future efforts.

Lots of people want to see this working, and we have made useful progress since the last session on this in Hungary. I think it’s time to discuss it again.

The effort so far has been in Debian, but all of this applies equally to any distro-based support, and somewhat to Android too.

Mailing list: https://alioth-lists.debian.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pkg-mali-devel Wiki: https://wiki.debian.org/MaliGraphics http://wookware.org/talks/linaro-mali/

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