YVR18-110:OpenSDK OE builds in MMWG

MMWG’s OE builds serve two goals: to provide the baseline for linux development in MMWG, and to present the results of MMWG’s work to the others. The topics to be covered:

  • build set-up, the OE layers by MMWG used in these builds, pre-built images published at snapshots.linaro.org
  • the challenges in integrating machine-specific support for features like OP-TEE
  • integrating Linaro OpenCDM into the builds; MMWG experience with browsers used to test OpenCDM with (Chromium, WPE browser)
  • testing: from jenkins builds to testing in LAVA and displaying the results at qa-reports.linaro.org. What we need to improve to get more value from tests.
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