Title: Imagine The Internet in Ten Years And Why Hardware is the Next Innovation Layer Date: Thursday 28th September 2017 Time: 9:15 am - 9:45 am


Think back to the summer of 2007.  AWS was a few months old, the first iPhone had just been released, and Uber was still two years away from its founding.

Now look the other way: ten years into the future.  A future standing on the shoulders of today’s nearly 20 million software developers (which may double in the next five years), a mature ecosystem of venture funded firms around the world, and dozens of major companies dumping massive resources into everything from new data centers, cloud services, VR, 5G, robotics, autonomy, space travel, and a huge variety of software of all stripes and flavors.

Aaron Welch, co-founder and SVP of Product at Packet (the leading bare metal cloud for developers), outlines Packet’s vision for the infrastructure of tomorrow, and why hardware is the next innovation layer.


Aaron Welch co-founded Packet in 2014 and directed product development and architecture through 2016.  He now leads open source and technical integration efforts, where he works with a broad array of partners.   He has been known to pound out decent code, including Packet’s official Terraform, Salt, and Juju providers as well as Python and Golang libraries.

Prior to Packet, Aaron lived in the digital agency world where his company Advomatic worked with high-profile clients in government, education and the non-profit sectors.  A server monkey at heart, Aaron created Advomatic’s boutique hosting division (Cadre).

A veteran of the online political industry, he served as Internet Technology Director for Senator Chris Dodd’s 2008 Presidential campaign and was the Iowa-state web developer for Governor Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign.2

Originally from Seattle, and with a background in technical theatrical production, Aaron sits on the board of the Obie Award Winning Bushwick Starr Theatre. In his spare time he scuba dives, eats fire and is a master of ceremonies for amateur talent shows.