Job Title: AI & digital transformation strategist, solution architect, and keynote speaker / evangelist

Bio : Chris Benson is an AI & digital transformation strategist, solution architect, and keynote speaker / evangelist who specializes in deep learning – the neural computation technology that is driving the artificial intelligence revolution.

He was a member of Accenture’s first dedicated AI Team, and went on to create and build Honeywell’s first dedicated AI Team.

Chris is the co-host of the Practical AI podcast – produced by Changelog Media – which makes artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone.

He is a frequent keynote speaker on artificial intelligence at conferences, broadcasts, and events around the world.

Chris is the Founder & Organizer of the Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup, one of the largest AI communities in the world, with about 2000 members.

You can find out more about Chris Benson at his website:

Keynote Title:  Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Digital Transformation Through Deep Learning

Keynote Abstract:  If the last decade was about mobile first, the next decade will be about AI first. Within the worlds of artificial intelligence and machine learning, deep learning is where a continual stream of the most exciting advancements are being made – self-driving cars, self-organizing drone swarms, computer vision, conversational interfaces, autonomous robots, speech recognition, emotion recognition, and much more. It is amazing AI that works today, and it is the driving force behind the current AI revolution.

Deep learning will impact nearly every industry on the planet, driving digital transformation for years to come, with countless opportunities to take advantage of this technology. Over the next decade, deep learning inferencing models will become common microservices within enterprises architectures. Software engineers will be expected to design, develop, and deploy deep learning microservices into production – in the cloud, on the edge, into mobile IoT devices, and into the everyday autonomous robots that will become ubiquitous in our lives.

Nonetheless, reaping the benefits of digital transformation through deep learning is hard to achieve. Success requires a well-considered AI strategy that accommodates business drivers, data acquisition and preparation, model architecture, algorithm selection, robust cloud infrastructure, service integration, and delivery mechanisms. Chris Benson walks you through creating a strategy for achieve digital transformation through deep learning, and explores how deep learning is integrated into a modern enterprise architecture. Along the way, Chris analyzes various AI implementation strategies, the prerequisite data strategies that specific AI strategy depend upon, and the trade-offs that each approach implies.