Company: SPDX

Bio: Jilayne is a lawyer specializing in open source. She co-leads the Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX) legal team, maintains the SPDX License List, and was a founding member of the OpenChain project. Jilayne is a frequent speaker at open source events and enjoys both sharing her knowledge and learning at the same time. Jilayne was previously principal open source counsel at Arm, where she advised on open source related issues, provided training, and drove improved processes related to open source, including forming and chairing the Arm Open Source Office. In her spare time, Jilayne can be found riding her bike(s) or co-hosting the geeky podcast, FOSS+beer.

Keynote Title:  “An open source developer and a lawyer walk into a bar…”

Keynote Abstract: When Jilayne is asked what kind of law she practices, she usually explains that she works in-house at a technology company, or for short, “I’m lucky, I work with a lot of engineers.” The very nature of open source software inevitably brings lawyers and developers together (like it or not). In this talk, Jilayne will provide some observations, ideas and advice for both lawyers and developers on how to help each other do our jobs better. Jilayne will also share some of the lessons learned and efforts made to make life easier for open source developers at Arm.