Zephyr Project Developer Evangelist, on contract with the Linux Foundation

Bio: Thea Aldrich is an evangelist and developer advocate for the Zephyr Project, an open source (RTOS) supporting multiple hardware architectures, optimized for resource constrained devices, and built with security in mind. She is passionate about facilitating the growth and adoption of open source technologies via vendor-neutral ecosystem development and developer community support. Prior to working on the Zephyr Project, Mrs. Aldrich worked with the Eclipse Foundation to support and grow the open source geospatial community and served as a consultant to organizations and government agencies seeking to engage with and contribute to open source communities.

Title: Putting Principle into Practice: A case study on building a diverse open source technical community

Abstract: This presentation will cover lessons learned over years of working directly with developers and organizational stakeholders to build diverse and scalable open source communities. Mrs Aldrich will share her experience discovering the world of innovation and invention that is embedded and IoT development through the Zephyr Project. Using this collaboration as an example, she will go over how Linaro, the Linux Foundation and many other organizations have successfully applied best practices for governance, collaboration and technical excellence to the development of a fit for purpose open source RTOS and how these same principles are now being used to further expand our ecosystem.