Title: Multi-core CPU and server Date: Tuesday 26th September 2017 Time: 9:15 – 9:45

SynQuacer is an Arm® based CPU chip developed by Socionext. It contains 24 cores of Cortex™-A53. The SynQuacer processor is an ideal foundation for low-cost, highly-integrated and power-efficient server systems deployed to handle edge computing, Internet of Things (IoT) data processing and cloud service applications.

SynQuacer can easily scale to handle increasing task loads over time. Multiple CPUs, up to 64, can be connected through the Socionext DDT (Direct Data Transaction) with the possibility of connecting more nodes.

At this event, Linaro, GIGABYTE and Socionext have jointly built a software development environment that complies with Linaro’s 96Boards open hardware specification using SynQuacer. This partnership of three industry leaders makes SynQuacer your number one choice of 64bit architecture development environment.

Background: Yasuo Nishiguchi, Chairman and CEO of Socionext since 2015, Joined Kyoto Ceramic Company (now Kyocera Corporation) in 1975. He became the President of Kyocera Corporation in 1999 and the Chairman and CEO of Kyocera Corporation in 2005. In 2009, Yasuo Nishiguchi completed his Ph.D. in Management of Technology at the Graduate School of Policy and Management Doshisha University.